Michael Rosen joins in Monkey’s June rehearsals

Things are moving quickly here at PuppetCraft HQ for our new show Monkey!

Our rehearsals stepped up a notch in late June as children’s author and Monkey! script writer Michael Rosen came down to Devon for two days to join in rehearsals and put the final touches to his two scripts: Monkey! (for children aged 4+) and SuperMonkey (ages 3-5).

rehearsal 9 small

Michael looks like he is about to become a flying superhero!

rehearsal 8 small

The string puppet stage is constructed.

rehearsal 6 small

Smile please!

rehearsal 7 small

Monkey, Michael and the rest of the creative team looking rather serious.

rehearsal 4 small

Monkey getting a look in as Michael writes the script.

rehearsal 3 small

Monkey interrupts rehearsals.

rehearsal 1

Shadow scene of fish and Monkey.

As you can see, Michael powered on despite Monkey’s naughty antics to bring us a finalised script… so now it’s time to add the finishing touches in time for our first shows in September!

MONKEY swings into action!

Work is well underway on our new show, MONKEY!

John has been carving new puppets in the workshop round the clock – monkey puppets, heads, hands, feet… and has even been working on a giant head.

John Roberts carving

John Roberts carving at his work bench

Chinese puppet heads

Some of the Chinese marionette heads

Monkey and hand
Monkey and his hand

Monkey feet

Monkey having his red silk trousers fitted


Buddha framework

The outline of the giant head, with a little monkey to show the scale

John has also been working with an amazing Chinese brush painting artist, Li Xiao Bai, who lives in Plymouth. He has been creating original images for the show:

DSC_0169 DSC_0161 DSC_0160 Monkey wordDSC_0157 DSC_0154

John is not alone on his quest to make the show:
Martin is making the large face, Sarah is making a dragon, Sue is doing all the fabric work, Jo is drawing a comic book, Rachel is composing music, Joanna is making an egg and fish, Jane has carved many hands and feet, Mike has made close to a dozen money bodies, Archi and Brian are welding and jointing the stage, Libby is making paper-cuts as shadow puppets and Jen is keeping you up to date with the show’s progress on social media… wow what a lot of work being done by a lot of people!

many monkeys

Many monkeys!

A troupe of monkeys and maker

Mike and his troupe of monkeys!

dragon small

Sarah and her dragon sketches