Making simple marionettes

Making simple marionettes.

Another book by John Roberts

The book explains in detailed step-by-step instructions and photographs how to make three simple marionettes—a walking bird, a dancer and a wooden man—each using different tools and materials, with progressively more tricky techniques, aimed at someone without a lot of workshop space or piles of tools.

There is also an overview of different forms of puppet—hand, rod, shadow and marionette—and examples of how marionettes can be made using everything from cardboard tubes to 3D printing.

Photographs of puppets from around the world illustrates the variety and richness of the ancient art and craft of puppetry.

“A superb, practical book, beautifully illustrated with many inspiring photographs and illustrations. One of the best books ever published on puppet-making at a widely-accessible level.” Reviewed on eBay.

Available from Amazon, eBay and Crowood Press. Also Amazon USA, Amazon Australia.

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