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Here are some of the  people behind our shows…
For Monkey!…..

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Michael Rosen

Brilliant, busy, funny, award winning poet Michael Rosen, Children’s Laureate 2007–2009, has written a new version of the ancient Chinese story of Monkey specially for PuppetCraft.

JohnJohn Roberts Roberts

Designer, director, performer. Founder and artistic director of PuppetCraft.
See History of PuppetCraft


Rachel Miller

Musician, composer and storyteller. Rachel brings tales to life through beautiful music and evocative sonic textures.
She uses a wide variety of instruments including an electronic set up that allows her to sample and create the musical textures live.
As a flautist and saxophonist she has performed and recorded with a wide range of different groups including folk, jazz, experimental and electronic music.

Sue FieldSue Field

Fabric expert. Sue dyes and textures fabric, then makes it into quilts, sets and costumes in her studio in the middle of a Cornish wood. She occasionally escapes to teach and run workshops. Her work has helped create a distinctive look to PuppetCraft’s work.


MartinMartin Corbin

Maker, deviser. Martin has been involved in puppetry from 6 years old. He has a B.A. Honours in Animation and is co-ordinator of a Scrap Store project. He is one of the fastest and most inventive puppet makers about, runs workshops and performs. He has worked on 8 PuppetCraft shows.

Marisa Latimer

Narrator/musician. Marisa has a wide range of skills in theatre, puppetry, mask, circus, storytelling and music.
Her training includes an internship with world famous Bread and Puppet Theatre in the USA. She has worked as a clown, as an artist support for teachers, as puppeteer for Puppet Lab, a Scottish puppet company, and extensively as storyteller with Devon shadow puppet company Clockwork Moth.
For Monkey she is narrator/storyteller, as well as playing an array of traditional Chinese musical instruments: gongs, wood blocks and drums and a Guzheng zither. 

LibbyLibby Quick

Maker and puppet performer. Libby is an artist, maker and singer. She studied at Dartington College of Art, specialising in theatre devising, tea and cake. Puppet experience includes working with ‘The Clockwork Moth’ and ‘the little oak folk’ theatrical companies.

Sarah Vigars

Maker and puppeteer.
Sarah’s website.


Mandi Allen

Maker and puppeteer.
Mandi has worked on many of PuppetCraft’s shows.


JoRubyJoanna Hruby

Maker and puppet performer. Jo is a crafter and animator with rather medieval inclinations. Her favourite puppet, Sylvanus, came with her to the Stone Henge winter solstice and was named after a friendly Druid encountered there. He sometimes parades the streets in a Victorian pram.

BernieBernardine Artuso

Musician/narrator. Bernie has enjoyed studying and performing music since the age of five. Her favourite experiences have included composing and arranging music for Aardman Animations, Dartington Playgoers, National Trust vocal group ‘The Nudettes’, Dartington Barn Cinema and as a solo singer songwriter. A keen enthusiast for live theatre, she is delighted to be joining PuppetCraft as narrator/musician for Monkey.


For Nobody Rides The Unicorn, Perseus and Sir Fool…

Adrian Mitchell



Andrew Dickson

Adrian Mitchell

This is how he liked to be described: the Shadow Poet Laureate, was born in Cricklewood in l932 and educated by wolves. When he was eight he read the story of Perseus under a monkey puzzle tree on a hot summer day. For the first and last time in his life, he fainted with excitement. He adapted the Greek myth [Perseus and the Gorgon’s Head] for PuppetCraft – for whom he also wrote [Sir Fool’s Quest] and, with Sasha Mitchell, [Nobody Rides The Unicorn].

Andrew Dickson

Musical Director. Andrew has worked as actor/ director/ composer/ acrobat from Bridlington to Borneo. He was petrified as Rex Harrison’s personal mirror-bearer on the original Doctor Doolittle, so has had previous experience of working with Gorgons and animals.
His music was nominated for an Oscar for composing on his 6th Mike Leigh film Vera Drake.

Jo White

Joanna White

Musician, Puppet Performer.
Jo is a classically trained french horn player… she chose the french horn because it looks like a snail, points the wrong way, and isn’t a trumpet.
After this austere musical beginning it seemed a natural step to make a dash for the world of puppetry, where she’s met Unicorns, a singing cat, a hurdygurdy player, a Giant, and is turning her hand to carving and painting puppets.
This is her 4th PuppetCraft show.

Steve Potier

Steve Potier

Player of Bouzouki and other strings. Steve was plucked from the streets of Totnes by PuppetCraft whilst on a bicycle powered busking tour of the South West. He has been playing European traditional music for 12 years.

Sophie Greatorex

Sophie Greatorex

Singer, Performer. Sophie has been involved with theatre and music from an early age and has a BA (Hons) in Theatre. During her studies she worked with both theatre and music in performance and first tried her hand at puppetry. She has performed within small vocal groups, is a member of a choir and writes songs and choral compositions for performance.


Other shows…..

Patrick Cooper

Patrick Cooper

Writer, Director. Fell into the wonderful world of puppets, from which he has never managed to escape. He’s the author of five children’s books, and a number of plays, and has adapted and directed several shows for PuppetCraft, including The Selfish Giant and The Mousehole Cat. He has three kids and lives in Totnes

Russell Harris 


Russell Harris

Musician. Having been involved in the study and performance of Near/Middle Eastern music over the last 15 years, when John asked me to produce some original music for the Sindbad project it seemed a great opportunity to introduce a new, younger audience to that emotionally rich sound world.

James Richardson 

James Richardson

Puppeteer. James lives in his blue and orange workshop. He makes masks and sculptor from natural and recycled materials and wonders if he might have been a rag-and-bone man in a past life! He also runs puppet-making workshops and loves a good procession. He has now set up his own puppet company Angel Heart Theatre.


Nick Millington.



Steve Tyler.



Chloe Bardolfsmith.

Artist and Puppeteer.


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