Book on Carving a Marionette

Book on Carving a Marionette.

I am working on writing a book “How to carve a wooden marionette.”

I have been wanting to do this for around 30 years, and at last I have cleared my workshop and diary to get this done. So far I have written around ¼ of the total, which has taken over a month… so there are still many months of work to go. It is a slow process as I am taking photographs of every step. This often means remaking parts 2 or 3 times to get the right photo.

It will be a step-by-step guide to make a human string puppet.

  • It will cover:
    • What tools and chisels are needed, sharpening, wood selection.
    • Design, cutting out, jointing and carving a beautiful wooden marionette that really works.
    • Finishing the puppet: painting, wig making and stringing.
    • How to operate the puppet.
  • It is aimed at serious makers whether amateur or professional. I will take the reader through all my methods, that I have learnt from some of puppetry’s masters, and from many, many mistakes.

It will be a book to use in a workshop.
It will have:

  • thick paper pages in a wire binding, so the pages will lie flat when opened.
  • a hard cover and spine, so it can be put on a bookshelf without collapsing.
  • around 170 pages with 800 black and white photos.
  • A5 landscape page size, which is a good size to fit on a bench.

I will be self-publishing the book. It will be printed by August 2018.
The more that are printed the cheaper they will be. I aim to get the price down to around £25 to £30. So I need to get an idea of how many  to print.

Send me an email with subject PUPPET BOOK.
I will email you when the book is available.

Many thanks, John Roberts

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