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PuppetCraft is the masterful Devon based touring puppet-theatre company that has delighted audiences for 30 years, performing at festivals, theatres, village halls and schools throughout Britain.

“Always entrancing, inventive, quality puppetry.”
“Superb” Director of Swaledale Festival.
“Nothing less than bewitching.” The Stage.
“PuppetCraft gets to the parts other theatre can’t reach… delivered through fine artistry and weaving a good yarn.” Animations Magazine.
“A simple story, beautifully staged.” TimeOut.

Unicorn show

“Magical… calming… spellbinding… wonderful story… beautiful puppets… atmospheric music…” Some of the comments from the spectators after the show.
“A lovely performance, really appreciated by the audience, both young and old.” Festival Manager, Salisbury International Arts Festival.
“It was a beautiful piece of theatre, exquisite puppetry to tell a gentle yet mesmerising story – funny, scary and touching within a moment.” Director of The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington.
“Best puppet show I have ever seen. Our favourite book brought to life with such care and accuracy” Head teacher.
“The show captivated children and adults alike. Truly magical. An uplifting experience. I would unreservedly recommend this performance to other venues.”
“PuppetCraft are very professional and gave an enchanting performance.”
Artsreach village touring promoter
“Silence throughout the performance says it all! Super efficiently organised, superb entertainment for the whole family.”
“The quality of the performance was outstanding, the technical skills and timing were excellent.”
“The musical talent helped to provide the magical atmosphere, which kept us all spellbound from start to finish.”
Organiser at the Old Brewery, Ansty.
“PuppetCraft’s shows are always of a high quality.”
Director of Merlin Theatre, Frome.
“PuppetCraft’s performances are always eagerly anticipated, and they are in a league of their own for professionalism, craftsmanship and artistic excellence.”
Director of Sterts Open Air Theatre.

“Love the book, now I love the puppet show. Can’t wait to see it again!”
“Brilliant and inspiring- your best so far!”
“Stunning- absolutely beautiful.”
“A magical performance, so beautiful and evocative. The puppets came to life, and the music was wonderful- and all this in our local village hall. Thank you so much.”
“That was the best show I’ve ever seen in my life.”
James, aged 8, Clifton College Prep School.

“One of the best and most magical puppet shows I’ve seen. One Mum said, ‘I got so involved that I nearly cried when the Unicorn was caught.’ The whole audience sat entranced for nearly an hour. A wonderful experience to share as a family – not even the four year olds needed to go to the loo!” Artsreach Promoter
“An enchanting and beautiful show” Director of Dorchester Arts Centre

“Yesterday’s show was really superb, and also the stunning yet simple changes of the settings were so child friendly and at the same time very clever. The use of music with lots of different instruments was captivating and moved the story along in a wonderful way. The story was told in a way that was both enchanting for the children as well as the parents – something that is so rarely achieved. Thank you very very much.”
Teacher in South Devon
“PuppetCraft does Puppetry in full colour.” Rural Touring organiser.

“The most friendly yet professional company I have come across in the industry. They are welcome back at Kilkhampton 100%. Everyone had a wonderful time.”
Arts development Officer North Cornwall.
“PuppetCraft does Puppetry in full colour.” Rural Touring organiser.

Perseus and the Gorgon’s Head

“Wow!… funny, beautiful, fantastic….One of the best shows I have ever seen. Highly professional.”

It was a fantastic show, very much appreciated by everyone who saw it. The mix of acting and puppetry worked really well and the music was excellent. Well done. Thank you again for a magical evening.
Rebekah Marshall

“PuppetCraft are always excellent storytellers, masters at regulating the rhythm and pace of a show to keep the audience – young and old – entranced. This time they added great inventiveness in the range of theatrical devices they used from presenting the puppeteer themselves in a role to assembling the puppets on stage, to film and video projection. The music too – both instrumental and sung – wove it’s way in and out of the story very effectively. All the children and adults who saw it unanimously noted it brilliant.! ” Village promoter

“This was a fantastic show that was completely engaging, transporting the audience to the world of the Gods and Perseus. The audience was left with an emotionally uplifting, life enhancing feeling.
The design of both the set and puppets was exquisite and so inventive:
The columns made by the curtains creating the effect of a Greek temple. The end was beautiful with the puppets displayed up high.
There was a lovely combination of both complicated and simple puppet effects and the puppets themselves were stunning. Medusa was beautiful when the audience was anticipating something frightening – the sea monster was another memorable puppet and the creation of Perseus was so inventive.
Despite the subject matter – potentially a gory Greek myth – the show was not frightening but left the audience in a positive mood surrounded by beauty.. and chuckling at the humour.
Sophie had a beautiful voice and her singing in particular stayed in the mind long after the show had ended.
It was a beautiful, wonderful, complex, highly polished show.”
March 2006. Angie Green assistant director & Ian Scott director of Artsreach – Dorset’s village touring scheme.

Pied Piper show

“I loved the show you did at Northleigh Village Hall last Friday. I loved the Old man and the skinny Piper, well I loved ALL the charachters really. Yours happily Sarah H.”
” Brill” Tom.
“How can 4 hands work so many puppets? Magic!!”

“Brilliant show – the children (and adults) were spellbound….The most magical puppet show I’ve ever seen – utterly transporting into another world and everything I could wish for adults and children.” Village Hall organisers.

“Thank you for a brilliant show.” Foxhole School pupils.

Sindbad show

“A heartfelt thank you from all who came to your performance. It was quite magically wonderful. A real pleasure and delight to see.”
Village Hall Promoter. Mamhead. 20/10/02.

“An exciting, imaginative performance greatly enjoyed by all, young and old alike.” Booker. Sussex. October 2002.

“I loved the rugs, incense and tented ceiling…Beautiful atmospheric production, lovely puppets, perfect music.”
“Excellent – words can’t describe it !!…We spent time in another world.”
“It was very good. I bet if you did it to our school they would love it.”
“A whole art package – beautiful props, scenery, puppets & music. Splendid….Enchanting! Lovely to see you back again with another wonderful show.”
“Just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“I liked the bats” Darius. Aged 4¾
“Rerly good… it was flabbergasting!”
“the best show ever.”
“The belly dancers were the best.”
” it was really good and it made me laugh.” Imogen. Aged 9.

Mousehole Cat show

“It was marvellous. Great delight all round.”
Director of Ripon International Festival. Sept 2001

“It was amazing – a wonderful show for adults and children alike.”
“Absolutely enchanting”
“…lovely music and puppets.” “… wonderful use of colour and sound.”
“I rily lucked the show. my faffret bit was the bade”
“A very atmospheric, beautiful performance. It was truly magical; a wonderful story brought to life in a stunning way. Many thanks.”
Primary school. November 2001
“It was the best puppet show.” Julie. Aged 7.
“I loved every moment – Well done.” D. Aged 54.

Tristan + Isolda show

“It was a magical experience. I particularly liked the surreal nature of the show, which the lighting, the masks, the figures, the voices, the floating backcloth with its changing images, all made so exciting.”
“Superb effects. Understandable on many levels for varied audience. We need more of this.”
“Loved it – all of it!”
“Very impressed. Everything from the slanting stage to the backdrop projection, beautifully crafted puppets… I loved the music, especially the live instruments.”
“A beautiful and moving performance – thank you.”
“This is puppetry at its most excellent – a tight production, superb sound and lighting. Captivating in every sense.”

Bath Puppet Festival. 2000.

“The whole family loved it” Aged 18 to 51.
“I have never seen a puppet show before – it was utterly enchanting and moving,” J. B. aged 56.
“A+ + + for creativity.” ” Pure magic!”

Tour of Ireland. 2000.

“Wonderful, imaginative work, from the puppets to scenery and music… the puppets were alive.”
“Please invite them again – Really good.”
“Please, Please, Please come back again. It was excellent.”

Dreams. Year of the Artist project.
Holne Village. 2000.

“Fantastic! So creative, inspiring & touching”
“Thank you all SO MUCH! I loved being involved – it all came together so well. Magical. Ian [ musician] and John [ puppeteer] were wonderful to work with.”
“I lurved it. I’ll miss my puppet.”
“Totally inspiring…. The community spirit is alive!”
“We were aged 8,15, 49 and 79 – and we all loved it. Next time I’d like to take a puppet home.”
“Magical opportunity for people to be together creatively.” ” A relaxed and fun project – you brought out the best in all of us.”

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