Brains dances

Added 4th June 2008

The hit advert of Thunderbird puppet character BRAINS dancing was a very fast making job for PuppetCraft: in 3 weeks John Roberts carved two puppets to closely copy the original TV puppet, but with the ability to perform the fantastic dance that had been choreographed for him.

Martin Corbin painted the puppet, Jane Eve made controls, Sue Field made costumes and Sarah Wright painstakingly made a wig.

Thunderbirds Brains Drench TV advert

Rehearsals and filming took place in London, followed by weeks of postproduction cgi work to erase the 5 puppeteers that worked around the puppet. Puppeteers were: Ronnie LeDrew, Sarah Wright, Sue Dacre, Libby Granger and John Roberts.

The Making of Brains from the Thunderbirds Drench advert

Brains2 Brains1

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