Technical details and credits for Circle of Tales

Circle of Tales

Details for Bookers

For Theatres, Arts Centres, Village Halls and schools

  • The show is for the whole family, for everyone from 4 years old and up.
  • Show lasts about 50 minutes. No interval.
  • When the space is suitable: After the show the audience will be invited to play musical instruments, meet the puppets and chat.. and not rush away.Audience up to 180.
  • Good quality publicity is included in the fee, for you to overprint : 350 leaflets, 30 A4 posters and 10 A3 posters.
  • Space for our stage: at least 5.5m wide x 3.7m deep x 2.7m high (18ft wide x 12ft deep x 9ft high)
  • The show can be performed on a raised stage or in a flat-floored venue.
  • Puppets perform at tabletop height…. so an audience sitting on the floor, with a few rows of chairs or raked seating is ideal. For flat floors we carry rugs for about 80 people to sit at floor level. Up to 4 rows of chairs can be placed behind these rugs. Dependent on your venue extra little rows of chairs can be placed at the side of the rugs.
  • Blackout required… or at least a grey-out.
  • We can provide all our own lighting and sound. For theatre venues additional lighting will greatly benefit the show.
  • Three electric sockets required, 13 amps each.
  • We use Theatrical Smoke: please ensure any smoke alarm can be switched off.
  • Set-up time: at least 1½ hours.
  • Pack-up: at least 1 hour.
  • Performed by two puppeteers and a musician.
  • Assistance is required to carry equipment in and out.


  • Music workshops will be offered before the show to teach anyone 6 years old + to play instruments to become a musical part of the show.
  • 45 minutes for up to 30 participants. Families encouraged to do the workshop together.
    Accommodation may be required: B+B for 3 singles. Hospitality with friends of your venue is fine.

For outdoor festivals details are as above except:

  • Show can be reduced to 30 minutes.
  • The show is for the whole family.
  • We can do the show without power. This will require a quiet environment.
  • If available: Three electric sockets 13 amps each. · We can provide all our own lighting and sound. Additional lighting will greatly benefit the show.
  • If the weather is very windy or at all wet we cannot perform, unless an alternative covered space can be provided.


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